Frequently Asked Questions

Council Information

What is the function of the Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers?
The Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers review, evaluate and advises the Department staff on recommendations for changes to applicable laws, adoption of rules, prelicensure education, licensure examination, continuing education and Professional Standards of Conduct.
Does the Council have a website?

Yes: > Our Businesses & Professions > Community Association Managers and Firms.

What are the statutes and rules that govern community association managers?
Chapter 468, Part VIII, of the Florida Statutes and Rule 61-20 and 61-E14, Florida Administrative Code.
Where can I obtain the laws and rules of the Council?

The laws and rules may be obtained on the Council’s website at > Our Businesses & Professions > Community Association Managers > Statutes and Rules.

When and where is the next Council meeting?

The date and locations of the council meetings are available online at > Our Businesses & Professions > Community Association Managers and Firms> Council Meeting Information.

Application Information

When is a community association manager’s license required?

A license is required when an individual receives compensation for management services when the association or associations served contain more than 10 units or have an annual budget or budgets in excess of $100,000.00.

What are the requirements for obtaining a community association manager license?

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age, file a complete application, submit electronic fingerprints taken through a FDLE approved vendor, complete 18 hours of CAM approved prelicensure education, pay the appropriate fees, be of good moral character and pass the state examination.

Can I complete an online application?

Yes, if you are applying for Initial Licensure by Examination. At this time no other applications for this profession are available through the online services.

What are the fees for community association manager’s applications?

The total fee paid with your application is $223.50:

  • Application - $50.00 (non-refundable)
  • Fingerprint Processing - varies by vendor
  • Examination - $68.50 • License - $100.00
  • Unlicensed Activity - $5.00

If you request a refund a refund form must be completed and submitted to the Department for approval. The application fee is non-refundable and refunds can not be issued after 3 years from submission of payment to the Department.

How do I find an approved pre-licensure education course?

The list of approved pre-licensure education providers can be found online at > Our Businesses & Professions > Community Association Managers and Firms, then under the Applicant Information section, or at this link:

Are there any provisions for an applicant that cannot attend the pre-licensure course in-person?

Yes, applicants are authorized to take the pre-licensure course by correspondence or online as long as it is through an approved pre-licensure education provider.

How long do I have to take the exam once I am exam eligible?

Per Section 468.433(2)(d), Florida Statutes the exam must be passed within 12 months of completing the pre-licensure education to obtain a license. (This includes any re-take exam)

Can I get an extension to sit for the exam due to illness or hardship?

No, there is no provision to extend the examination more than 12 months after the completion of the pre-licensure education. Section 468.433(2)(d), Florida Statutes mandates the pre-licensure education shall be completed within the 12 months prior to the date of the examination.

How do I submit my fingerprint information?

For information about fingerprinting, please visit our fingerprint FAQs.

I passed the examination. How long does it take for my Computer Based Testing examination results to get to the Department?

The vendor reports the results of the examination within 48 hours. Once a license number is issued the license is automatically printed and mailed. Your license information will update immediately on our website.

I have been convicted of a crime. Can I still obtain a community association manager (CAM) license?

Persons who have been convicted of a crime may apply for a CAM license. Each application will be reviewed on its own merit to determine if the good moral character requirement has been met, which is defined in Rule 61-20.001(5). Supporting documentation showing all the disposition of all charges and / or all sanctions has been satisfied should be submitted with your application.

Where do I mail my application?

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Central Intake Unit

2601 Blair Stone Road

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0783

How may I obtain assistance on completing my application?

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the application, please contact the department’s Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395.

Profession Information

What are some of the activities of a community association manager?

Activities include:

  1. Controlling or disbursing association funds
  2. Determining how or when to prepare budgets or other financial documents for an association
  3. Determining how or when to provide notice of meetings or to conduct association meetings
  4. Maintaining and/or having authorization to spend association petty cash
  5. Coordinating maintenance for the residential development
  6. Performing other day-to-day services involved with the operation of a community association.
What are Standards of Professional Conduct for a CAM?

CAM licensees shall adhere to standards of professional conduct as part of the duties of the licensee. This is defined in Rule 61E14-2.001, Florida Administrative Code.

What types of properties hire community association managers?

Community association management can be applicable to mobile home parks, planned unit developments, homeowners associations, cooperatives, timeshares, condominiums, or other residential units, which are part of a residential development scheme and which are authorized to impose a fee that may become a lien on the parcel.

Is a person required to have a community association manager license if he or she wants to manage apartment buildings?

A community association manager license is not applicable to the management of apartment buildings, commercial property or single-family dwellings. There is no state license for a property manager, but a real estate license may be required. General information regarding property management field is available from

Does the community association manager law apply to owners or council members?

This law applies to any individual, including unit owners, council members and officers, who conduct management activities for the association and receive remuneration or compensation for doing so.

Is an association required to hire a community association manager (CAM)?

Chapter 468, Part VIII, Florida Statutes, does not require a board of directors to hire a licensed CAM. The board of directors as a whole is the entity responsible for operating and managing the community association. The board members and officers can perform management services without hiring an outside manager and without obtaining a license, provided they receive no remuneration or compensation.

License Maintenance

Can I change my address online?

Yes, if you have an online account set up. Visit our website at > Licensee Login. The main address and license mailing address can be changed online for all license types. You can also change your telephone number and email address here.

Your website provides for "main", "mailing", and "location" addresses. What are the differences?

Three types of addresses have been established to support your needs: main, license mailing, and license location.

Main Address - This address is the primary address on file.

License Mailing Address - This is the address where the mail associated with a particular license will be sent (if different from the main or license location addresses).

License Location Address - This is the address where the place of business is physically located.

An example of the use of different addresses:

If Jane Doe is a contractor that works for ACME Builders, she may have 3 different addresses listed in her profile. Her main address would be the address of ACME Builders' corporate headquarters. Her license mailing may be her home so she doesn't have to visit the office to pick up her mail. Finally, her License Location would be the address of the ACME Builders’ local office where she works. If Jane Doe worked independently, she might have only one address on file (Main Address) as her office is the same place she wishes to receive her mail.

How can I change my address, telephone number or email address if I do not have a computer?

You may submit the change in writing or by fax to:

Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Central Intake Unit – License Maintenance
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783
Fax: 850.488.8040

Renewal Information

What is required to renew my license?

All community association managers’ licenses expire September 30 of even numbered year. To renew you must complete the required 20 hours of continuing education and renewal fee of $105.

My license expired two or more years ago, and is now null and void. How do I become a licensed community association manager again?

You may petition for reinstatement of a null and void license if you failed to renew your license due to illness or economic hardship. (You will have to provide proof of hardship.) If the council denies reinstatement, you will be required to reapply for licensure as a new applicant, including pre-licensure education. However, you will not be required to take the state exam again.

I am not using my community association manager license. Can I place my license in an inactive status?

Yes. If you do this during the renewal cycle you will need to indicate going to inactive status on your renewal form and submit an inactive renewal fee of $105.00, no continuing education is required for the renewal into an inactive status. If outside of the renewal cycle you may submit a request along with your original license and a change of status fee of $15.00.

How can I reactivate my inactive license?

You must complete the required 20 hours of continuing education and submit the appropriate form with a $25 fee.

Continuing Education / Provider Information

I have just received my community association manager license. Will I be required to comply with the continuing education requirements for my first license renewal?

All licensees who are initially licensed as a CAM for 24 months or less prior to renewal are exempt form CE renewal requirements. Those licensees will be responsible for meeting CE requirements at the end of the next renewal cycle. The term more than 24 months means being licensed 24 months plus one day.

What are the continuing education requirements for renewal?

All community association manager licensees must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 20 hours of instruction that are 50 minutes each, during each license renewal period, which shall include the required hours at an approved legal update seminar.

The 20 hours of continuing education shall be comprised of the following:

  • four (4) hours of legal update
  • four (4) hours of instruction on insurance and financial management topics
  • four (4) hours of instruction on the operation of the community association’s physical property
  • four (4) hours of instruction on human resources topic’s relating to community association management
  • four (4) hours of additional instruction in any area described above, or in any course or courses directly related to the management or administration of community associations.
I am a continuing education provider. When will my providership and courses expire?

Providerships expire May 31 of every odd numbered year. A continuing education provider initially approved during the last 90 days prior to May 31 of an odd numbered year shall not be required to reapply as a condition for renewing provider status.

Continuing education courses are valid for 24 months from the date of issuance. Continuing education providers must reapply to course approval within 90 days from the expiration of the 24 month period.

I am a pre-licensure education provider. When will my providership expire?

Pre-licensure education provider status shall be valid from the date of approval until May 31 of the next even-numbered year.


I have a complaint about a community association manager. Whom do I contact?

Contact the department’s Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 or file a complaint online at > File a Complaint.

I have a complaint about an unlicensed community association manager. Whom do I contact?

Contact the department’s toll-free unlicensed activity complaint line at 1.866.532.1440 or file a complaint online at > File a Complaint.

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