16 Hour CAM Pre-Licensing Course ONLINE



Most everything from our highly acclaimed CAM Course seminar is included in the CAM Pre-licensing online course. If you like to self study and be in control of the amount of study time,  then this is a method for you. The course material has all the information you need to prepare for the Florida CAM exam. Students must successfully complete the Pre-license test and score a overall average of 75% in order to be qualified to apply for the Florida CAM license. There is weekly instructor involvement in this method. You will have access to the Pre-Licensing Course for 12 months from the date you register for the session.

Includes: Downloadable Coursebook material by section, instructional slides, audio and video presentations, handout material, section quizzes, course evaluation form (all material is to be downloaded).

This course is approved by the Florida DBPR – Course # 0004657. Provider # PRE-63