Professional Habits that could Lead to Higher Job Satisfaction & Productivity


You started out wide-eyed, confused and
overwhelmed. Today, a few years down the road, you barely have the drive to
complete the minimum amount of work assigned to you. If you identify with these
scenarios, you’re not alone. You can get back up once again. When all you
think about is getting away with making a fraction of the effort or find
yourself clinging to the zest you used to have, there’s a problem.
It doesn’t matter if it’s on the job you
happily applied for or your classes — everyone can fall prey to feelings of
lethargy, tiredness and un-productivity. If you’ve admitted that you can
do better, you’ve won half the battle. To help you conquer the other half, here
are 5 daily habits you should practice to master the art of productivity.
Plan Each Day Before It Begins
Want to hear a total game changer? Every night,
allot 15 minutes to create an achievable and practical to-do list. Before the
sun starts shining, you’ll know you have a systematic plan to help you do
things that need to be done.
Need to make a month-end client report
presentation? Have to submit an assignment that the company is counting on?
Highlight priority items with a little star so they remain at the forefront of
your mind all day.
Choose Positive Thoughts
Sometimes, we don’t do our best because we
fear failing despite putting in the effort. If you’re stuck in a vicious cycle
of cruel thoughts about yourself and your surroundings, work toward
intentionally choosing happy thoughts. Positivity beats negativity any
day of the week. Whether it’s through yoga or a mantra you repeat each day,
empower yourself by being in control of your thought process. A mind brimming
with self-deprecating thoughts is only going to do you harm. When you
think good, you do good. Simply incorporating this daily habit into your
routine will make it easier for you to accomplish your everyday goals.
Figure Out If You’re An Early Bird Or A Night Owl
I often speak of this as I personally become
more creative as the day goes on. Different people have different peak
productivity times. Early birds find it easier to go through their tasks bright
and early, while night owls feel most active after lunch. Figuring out
when you have the most energy during a day will put you on the road to output
Take A Designated Break From Technology
We’re surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that
constantly distract us when we need to be focused the most. We’re all human. We
all check our Facebook notifications in the middle of crucial work. Though
taking breaks actually helps you, these breaks need to be
pre-planned. With your phone near you, there’s a high chance you’ll be
tempted to respond to a text in the middle of a task or otherwise be distracted
from your train of thought. Remove all technology for a specified time from
your daily routine. You’ll be surprised by how fulfilled you feel and how much
you get done.
Create A Vision Board
You’ve probably heard of many celebrities
keeping their vision boards in sight when they were starting out. The idea
works just as well for regular folks like us! Create a beautiful vision
board with everything you wish to achieve by a certain time. Do you want to
become a manager or superstar of the company that you’re working for? Or do you
want a raise, more vacation time or something else personally important to you?
Put these long-term goals on your vision board
so you can visualize the time you actually achieve them during periods of utter
We wish you the best of luck!


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