Setting Yourself Apart as a Community Association Manager

One question that I get asked very often is “What sets Florida CAM Courses apart from other CAM education providers?” At first glance, I think the answer is simple…. Passion. But, when I begin to drill down on our company and the fantastic commitment of our staff in making sure you pass the Florida CAM exam and that your CEU’s are in order, I can see that a much deeper answer is warranted.

As I began to ponder what sets Florida CAM Courses apart from all the other providers, the first strength I come to is our staff – our best resource and most valuable asset. Their training has been long and vast so they are able to solve just about any community association management issue. Every day they come to the office excited to help our customers. The second strength is the quality of our products, I think. All are written by licensed and experienced community association managers with the mindset of getting the information you need to the client as quick as possible. I guess I have a little to do with setting Florida CAM Courses apart from others based on my experience with other companies and knowing I did not want to create a company that was run of the mill. All of us at our company want to help our CAM clients succeed in their educational endeavors and get back to doing the important work of managing community associations.

So in closing, I would answer the level of customer service provided by the Florida CAM Courses staff, the training they have received, and their commitment to the CAM licensing process along with a little bit of management structure and most of all great CAM pre-licensing and CEU opportunities would be the more in depth answer to the question.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the other community managers or CAM Management firms, make sure to surround yourself with great people. Your support staff is the greatest resource you can have! Be sure to make yourself available to them, support them and let them shine. Your management expertise is your product so make sure it is top notch by continuing to educate yourself and take courses to improve. Most importantly, be passionate about the community association management profession. We do important work that really does make a difference to our clients.  

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