The grass is greener……. or is it?

On June 30th, 2018 I became a former management company owner after months of what seemed like tedious negotiations with the purchaser. July 1st was an odd day for me. On one hand I was feeling exhilarated at the prospect of pursuing my continued passion of educating community association management professionals and those seeking to enter the field exclusively and on the other, it was a bit like “all dressed up with no place to go”! Still the leader of Florida CAM Courses with 1/3 of the staff and 75% less headaches, I felt a little empty. Sure, it was great that all of a sudden, a lot of the problems were no longer mine to deal with. The purchaser was supposed to have me involved with the transition and operational changes but that was not to be. I often wonder what management CEO’s who outright sell the business and are not involved in the industry in some capacity, like I am with training, feel after the sale. Let me know if you also felt an emptiness and a relief all at the same time.

So, I was now in a position to devote all of my time to training CAM professionals and developing new courses and methods of delivery. Our first really big project was just brought to fruition with the release of our CAM Digest for new CAM’s. I have always felt that if some of my students were not lucky enough to be a part of a management entity (ie; hired as an onsite CAM for an Association), they would be left to sink or swim. I wanted them to swim! My team and I developed the CAM Digest based on our combined 48 years of experience, that would include everything we thought a first or second year CAM needed to know. We did not want to get too detailed as we believe that just knowing about these things would allow the beginning CAM to ask the right questions of the proper professionals and appear fairly informed and educated to their clients. We truly appreciate the response to this guidebook. It can only get better with your input.

Over the summer we launched a very popular YouTube channel ( and even hosted a few Facebook live events and chats. As a “baby boomer” owner surrounded by millennials, I have become acutely aware of social media and how important a role in plays in today’s business operations and current home buying customer. Have you expanded your social media efforts?

Although guiding and instructing future and present CAM’s in Florida and elsewhere is my passion, I kind of missed the action of the daily interaction with the board members and residents – even if just a little! There is simply nothing that beats the satisfaction of being able to help solve a problem or assist in bringing two parties together as they attempt to co-exist in a common interest community. I felt a little empty after the sale of the management company. With this emptiness in mind, I have decided to dip my toes back in – even if just little – and become a consultant to both residents and board members who are having issues in their communities. Consulting is a lot like parenting. You can offer your opinion and only hope that the parties are receptive to it and that your opinion actually makes things better for both parties.

If you or your board are having some difficulties dealing with association living, relax, we can fix it – if you want to. As someone with more years than I care too remember in property and community management can tell you, there is always a win-win outcome and together – we can fix it. Regardless of the issue, I would welcome the opportunity to try and help and consult on the matter. Feel free to give me a call at 772-925-8704 for a no obligation conversation. I am happy to travel to your location when you decide that I can help the situation. I have not yet “seen it all”, but I have seen a lot and know that there are a great deal of boards and association residents who just want to explain their situation and see if there is a common ground solution to the problem. I am ready to help. 772-925-8704 or

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